Philips 26w 4-pin 120-277v SmartMate 2 lamp Compact Fluorescent Ballast

Manufacturer: Philips SKU: ICF-2S26-H1-LD-K


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SmartMate electronic ballasts drive a broad range of quad and triple-tube lamps. The energy-efficient design and compact, lightweight housing make them an ideal replacement for incandescent downlighting systems in restaurants, reception ares, and conference and meeting rooms. This ballast is available in kits complete with wires, mounting plates, and hardware. This ballast can be used for lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, accent/track lighting, residential and hospitality guest rooms.


Application Fluorescent
Ballast Factor 1.00
Lamp Type 26w 4-pin
Ballast Family Smart Mate
Maximum Number of Bulbs 2
Watts Input 51
Current (Amp) 0.43-0.19
Voltage (V) 120-277

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