Philips 7443 LED Red Stop and Tail automotive light - 2 Bulbs

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Philips 7443 LED Red Stop and Tail automotive light - 2 Bulbs, replacement bulb for 7443, T20/5 and W21/5WA breakthrough innovation for your car exterior lighting.
Replace your standard car lights with our robust, street-legal Philips Vision LED lights, and you'll likely never have to replace them again. They are guaranteed to last 12 years.

Standard incandescent bulbs actually take a little time to light up. Vision LED lights turn on instantly. That means, when you brake, the vehicle behind you can react sooner. The instant-on response provided by Vision LED lights can reduce braking distance by up to 20 ft. at a speed of 75 mph.

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicles 3157 or 7443 parking light, turn signal, or brake light bulbs with LED's you need to identify what type of socket your car has. There are 2 socket types, standard and CK. This bulb will not work with CK type socket.


Base W2.1x9.5d Mini Wedge
Application Stop / Tail light
Light Color Red
Lifespan 12 years
Voltage 12V
Wattage 2 W
Also fits T20/5, W21/5W, 7443
Designation 7443 Vision LED Red
Range Vision LED
Type 7443LED
Expected benefits Lights that live on
Product highlight Street Legal LED, 12 years lifetime