Philips TUV 335W WP XPT SE HO G17x10 Germicidal Lamp for Dynapower System

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Philips 300624 TUV 335W WP XPT SE HO Philips Dynapower system consists of an electronic DynaPower driver that operates one or two TUV Amalgam 230W, 260W and 335W XPT lamps. This system is extremely reliable and robust. The driver allows for immediate energy savings compared to similar drivers on the market. Moreover, it can be dimmed down to 60% power level for additional energy savings. Further energy savings are realized by the TUV Amalgam XPT lamps, because they can be dimmed down to reach the same UV output as similar lamps on the market.

  • Extreme reliability of driver; with annual failure rate of less than 1%
  • Easier maintenance thanks to single lamp operation, allowing to detect easily which lamps need to be replaced
  • Easier to maintain compliance with regulations thanks to reduced risk of failures
  • Dimmable up to 60% power level for additional energy savings
  • EPA Approved: Philips/Signify EPA # Est. No 95792-POL-1
Philips 300624 TUV 335W WP XPT SE HO Features:
  • Operates 230W, 260W and 335W TUV Amalgam XPT lamps
  • Cooler operating temperature for additional energy savings
  • Protection against voltage peaks
  • Single lamp operation possible
  • Permanent overvoltage protection
  • 100% stress testing minimizing 0-hour failures
Warning & Safety:
  • DANGER: Risk Group 3 Ultra Violet product. These lamps emit high-power UV radiation that can cause severe injury to skin and eyes. Avoid eye and skin exposure to unshielded product. Use only in an enclosed environment which shields users from the radiation.


Cap-Base G17x10
Execution SE
Operating Position any
Main Application Disinfection
Depreciation at useful lifetim %
Lamp Wattage 335 W
Lamp Wattage Technical 315.0 W
Lamp Current 3.34 A
Dimmable Yes
Overall Length C 1516 (max) mm
Diameter D 32 mm
Arc Length O 1400 mm
Order code 928104505112
Full product name TUV 335W WP XPT SE HO
Pieces per pack 1
Bar code on pack - EAN1 8718696453087
Bar code on outerbox - EAN3 8718696453094
Logistic code(s) - 12NC 928104505112
Net weight per piece 470.000 gr
EPA Approved Philips/Signify EPA # Est. No 95792-POL-1

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