PLATINUM 35w 6v PAR36 AR111 Spot 4 Halogen Bulb

Manufacturer: Platinum SKU: 35AR111/4-6


PLATINUM 35w 6v PAR36 AR111 Spot 4 Halogen Bulb SALE
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This 35 watt Platinum AR111 bulb has a beam spread of spot and a beam degree of 4. It's ansi code is AR111, the voltage is 6 and it has a base of push screw terminal. The push screw base can be used in the following applications, Stage & Studio Lighting, Specialty Lamps, Industrial lighting, Commercial lighting, and Tractor lighting. The 35 watt Platinum ar111 bulb has a diameter of 4.37 inches, a filament of C-8 and a reflector lamp finish. It's maximum overall length is 2.64 inches and a rated life of 3000 hours.


Base Push Screw Terminal
Beam Angle (deg.) 4
Beam Spread Super Spot SSP
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Diameter (in) 4.37
Filament C-8
Lamp Finish Reflector
Maximum Overall Length (in) 2.64
Rated Life (Hours) 3000
Shape AR111
Voltage (V) 6V
Wattage (W) 35W


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