6Pk - SUNLITE GU24 Base to E26 Medium Screw Socket Adapter

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Sunlite E26 Medium Screw Base to GU24 Base Socket Adapter - E26 Famale to GU24 Male

GU24 base socket-lamp combinations are gaining momentum as the new standard for lighting, and ensures that lighting systems intended for high-efficiency lamps cannot be used with incandescent lamps.
Screw this adapter into any lighting fixture that require GU24 socket to be able to use the standard E26 medium screw-in bulbs
- convert any GU24 based light Fixtures to Standard E26 Medium screw-in socket
- High quality, durable simple to use Adapter converter
- low profile design


Base GU24 TO Medium (E26) Adapter
Color White
Diameter (in) 1.496"
Maximum Overall Length (in) 1.85"