USHIO G15T8 15W Germicidal Low Pressure Mercury-Arc Lamp

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USHIO Germicidal lamps are Low-Pressure Mercury-Arc lamps
that emit radiation peaking at 253.7nm(UV-C).
This output at 253.7nm is highly effective to inactivate
microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, yeast and mold.

- Low Mercury Dose to Meet Environmental Demands
- Specially Formulated Coating Achieves High Output Over Long Life Hours
- High Purity Lamp Construction to Stabilize UV Output and Minimizes Depreciation (Averages 20-25% Depreciation at End of Life)
- Flexible Design Capability for Customs Development
- EPA Approved: Ushio EPA # Est.96093-JPN-1

- Drinking Water
- Wastewater
- Air Conditioning System
- Pharmaceutical Processing
- Food Processing Facility
- Packaging Materials
- Laboratory/Research
- Photo-chemistry
- Clean Room
- Other Sterilization and Disinfection Needs


Manufacturer Ushio
NAED 3000007
UPC 048777246443
Base G13 2-Pin
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Diameter (in) 1
Maximum Overall Length (in) 17.16
Rated Life (Hours) 8000
Wattage (W) 15W
EPA Approved Ushio EPA # Est.96093-JPN-1

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