USHIO P28s 250V 10A Medium Prefocus Porcelain Socket No Leads

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Ushio P28s Medium Prefocus Porcelain socket - designed for optimum performance
This lamp holder is for P28s base bulbs like: BTL, BTR, BTN, BTH, BTM, BTP, EGG, EGK, EGJ, EGM, EGF, EGE, EGC, FMC, FMD/DNT, FME/DNV,
The USHIO lampholder product line boasts a unique construction with exceptional thermal management properties.
The Ushio P28s socket is used in a wide range of applications from stage, studio and film environments, to store displays.
No matter the application, USHIO products will secure your lamps and keep you connected.


Application Socket
Base P28s Medium Prefocus
Current (Amp) 10
Type P28s
Voltage (V) 250