Double Tube 2-Pin

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If your lights are flickering or completely burnt out, order new bulbs promptly to make sure that your space is well-lit. At BulbAmerica, finding replacement bulbs is simple. If your fixture has a 2-pin base, make sure that you select the right type of bulb to fit perfectly with your overhead light or lamp. Failing to select the correct option can mean that your bulb will not actually fit into the socket and turn on. Avoid having to make a return or wait on a new bulb to arrive by ordering the right model the first time.

BulbAmerica offers information on choosing the right type of base. On this page, there are a range of double tube 2-pin light bulb categories. Models like the GX23-2 and the GX32D-2 are 1.3" across the base. The G24d-2 and the G24d-3 are also about 1.3" across. Specific features to differentiate the types of bulbs are shown in these diagrams to effectively point out the key differences. Explore the options of GX32D-2, GX32D-3, G24D-1 or G24d-2 bulbs to ensure that you order the right compact bulb. Pay close attention to the various notches on these bases as they will determine whether the light bulb will properly integrate with your fixture.

As you are looking at compact, double tube 2-pin light bulbs, choose the options that best suit your aesthetic preferences or needs. Choose a high wattage for bright fluorescent light or stick with a lower one to reduce glare. With these compact bulbs, the tubes get longer along with the wattage. Before completing your purchase, take into consideration the color of your bulb and opt for a cooler or warmer white depending upon your preference.

With the ease of ordering online and the helpful support of BulbAmerica's staff and videos, replacing a light bulb for your home or business does not need to be complicated. Narrow down the options to double tube 2-pin light bulbs and then explore the options that are available from there.