Split Bolt Connectors - Spacer Dual Rated For Copper Aluminum Conductors 4/0

Manufacturer: Morris SKU: MOR-90422


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Dual Rated Copper and Aluminum Split Bolt Connector.

  • Dual rated split bolt connector is UL listed for all combinations of Aluminum, Aluminum to Copper, and Copper to Copper stranded wires
  • 90412~90420 Manufactured from copper alloy, 90422~90426 manufactured from aluminum alloy
  • Uniform bright electro-tin plating resists corrosion, reduces contact resistance and gives you maximum conductivity
  • Spacer separates dissimilar conductors and provides long contact length that prevents high pressure point contacts between run and tap connectors
  • Free turning threads and easy to grip wrench flats
  • Split bolt connector is highly resistant to season cracking and corrosion
  • Anti Oxidant is recommended for all aluminum terminations
  • Rated 600 Volts
  • UL486B/CSA LIsted
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