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LED Headlights Get the Green Light for Electric Cars at the Paris Auto Show

The Paris Auto Show is one the world’s largest venues for major automobile manufacturers to display their latest and most radical car designs. As one might imagine, one of the dominant themes for this year’s auto show was high performance, environmentally friendly automobiles. An integral part of many the energy efficient automobiles on display were their innovative and efficient lighting systems. European manufacturers Renault and SEAT demonstrated the potential of LED headlights with their ZB10 and IBE electric cars. LEDs are the ideal light source for all cars, but especially electric cars because LED headlamps require little electricity to be lit, therefore leaving as much electricity as possible for the prolonged performance of the car. Furthermore, because LEDs are so compact little room needs to be made for them at the front or rear of the car, thus reducing the car’s profile and weight, and thus increasing the distances these cars can travel between charges. As LED optics are further perfected, headlamps are able to render light closer to daylight color temperatures, rather than those icy color temperature that we associate with LED headlights. This means that the light produced will be more effective at illuminating the road and will make the driving experience all the more safe.

LED automobile headlamps have been around for a while and are a familiar sight in higher end makes such as certain models by Audi and Mercedes Benz. The difference is that now LEDs are being integrated into radically efficient electric and hybrid cars by many more manufacturers, thus better balancing the lights with the rest of the cars’ technology and giving consumers more options, and increasingly efficient options for automobiles.

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