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Dress Up Your Home or Restaurant with CFL Globe and Candelabra Light Bulbs

Globe and candelabra style light bulbs have long been some of the most popular decorative light bulbs. These light bulbs have typically been incandescent, and thus inefficient and not environmentally friendly. Globe light bulbs are typically used in indoor applications where an exposed bulb cannot be avoided or is desired. Globe bulbs are used in bathrooms frequently to surround mirrors in light. This is an iconic image of the mirrors of Hollywood dressing rooms featured in innumerable films. Globe bulbs are also used in outdoor signs and marquees. Globe CFLs are not the brightest of the CFLs, and for this reason they are usually used in applications where using multiple bulbs is possible and/or favorable. Globe CFLs come in a wattage range of 5w to 30w. The color temperatures of Globe CFLs range from 2,700K to 6,500K, allowing you flexibility in applying them in indoor or outdoor applications.

Candelabra CFLs are typically used in sconces, chandeliers, night lights and other fixtures.Candelabra CFLs typically come with medium screw bases making them very easy to replace incandescent bulbs with. For candelabras, color temperature is especially important because they are often place in areas of homes or the restaurant that are important for creating ambiance. Osram and Sylvania offer candelabras with a comprehensive range of color temperatures to help you create the light ambiance you want. CFL candelabra bulbs have another important advantage over incandescent bulbs in that their improved life hour rating means less scrambling up ladders and disrupting delicate sconces to change light bulbs. CFL candelabras have life hour ratings ranging from 6,000hr to 8,000hr, a considerable improvement over incandescent bulbs.

Just because you should replace your incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, does not mean you have to sacrifice your ability to use decorative light bulbs in your home or restaurant. We have catalogs full of decorative globe and candelabra bulbs, check them out today!
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