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Halloween isn't Fun without Lights...

Halloween isn't Fun without Lights! Take 10% OFF Site-Wide! Limited time offer! 

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Advertising help

Gabby Hassan

Advertising these days is anything but easy. Getting your brand name to stick into people minds can be very challenging. I have a clothing store located in a big mall, and was really having trouble getting my name out there. I am not a chain store and wanted to be recognized and known by customers who frequented the mall. I tried big signs, personalized, tagging,...

Time to get the Party Started!

Time to get the Party Started!

Gabby Hassan

Everyone knows the 3 classic necessities to a great party:

Venue, Music, and guest list

However, most people overlook the little details that can really make or break the night. One example of this is lighting; Its not exactly the first thing that pops into your mind when you’re planning a party, but it truly does make a HUGE difference. This past...