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LEDs Make a Splash in Pool and Poolside Lighting

The summer has arrived and once more the swimming pool has probably become a prominent location at your home or business. Swimming pools are naturally illuminated during the day, however at night they are often left unlit. With the proper lighting, the swimming pool can be an attractive evening lighting attraction. Optima’s brand new 17w PAR56 RGB color mixing LED lamp is designed specifically for swimming pools and is an outstanding lighting option. The PAR56 LED has 252 LED bulbs and four color changing patterns to turn your pool into an oasis of light and color: a single color change mode, a switching color change mode, a fading color change mode, and solid color mode. These modes can be controlled with an easy-to-use RF remote control, allowing you to regularly change your swimming pool’s look. Like all LEDs, Optima’s PAR56 LED has a long lifespan at 20,000 rated hours. If there is a lip above the water in your pool, you can use a LED strip light to add a band of light around the edge of your pool. Optima offers numerous RGB waterproof strip light packages. These strip lights are protected with a silicon coating and come in 150 LED bulb and 350 LED bulb versions.

Illuminating the pool itself is one way to add flair to your night time home lighting. Lighting the area around the pool is another way to add dimension depth to your pool area. If you have plants, statues, or rock arrangements surrounding your pool area, draw attention to them using uplighting. LEDs are great for uplighting and come in a variety of colors.MR16s are also a good choice for uplighting given their concentrated beam. You may want to surround your pool with electric lanterns or torches. Cold cathode compact fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs are good choice in these applications given their durability and long life. Lanterns and torches often house the bulb in either a clear glass housing or a frosted glass housing. For the most appealing light in a lantern application, you will want to match a clear glass lantern with a clear glass bulb and a frosted lantern with a frosted bulb. Lanterns and torches, in addition to providing attractive lighting, make your pool area safer for your family and friends or patrons of your business.

Your pool and pool area should not be left in the dark as the sun goes down. There are numerous bulbs available for the lighting of your pool area. The basic considerations you should make in selecting a bulb are whether or not the bulb will be long lasting and durable in an outdoor setting, and how the bulb will perform in the specific application you envision for it.
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