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Outdoor Color Changers: Lighting Up Where You Need Them

Color changers today are capable of illuminating some of the world’s largest structures in vibrant light. In recent years the pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower have been bathed in rich light and saturated colors. Even more amazing, is that Griven, one of the world’s chief suppliers of outdoor color changers has been behind most of these vast lighting projects. The Griven MK3 Kolorado and MK4 Kolorado color changer series are some of the most popular lines of outdoor color changers. Eighty MK3 Kolorado 2500s were used to illuminate the pyramids of Giza in aspectacular display of pink, green, magenta, and blue.

he 2,500w MK3 2500 produces an awesome 240,000 to 260,000 lumens with a beam angle of 62°. You have the option of a narrow lens and wide B-hive lens to give you more beam angle flexibility. The narrow lens has a 34° beam angle and the B-hive a 93° beam angle. The color changer’s luminosity and spread allow its light to cover large structures with flat, even, and rich color. The MK3 2500 uses a 2,500w hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI) lamp, and is more powerful than its 1,800w predecessor, the MK3 1800. The MK3 2500’s power is matched by its versatility. The color changer features a powerful mechanical strobe as well as separable ballast that can function up to 25m from the lamp. This means that the color changer can be hung, or placed in a space where weight and fixture size are a concern.

All of Griven’s Kolorado series color changers have an IP rating of 44, making them suitable for almost every outdoor environment. The Kolorado color changers all feature an aluminum and galvanized steel body, coated with black epoxy powder to ensure that their housing protects the powerful lighting and electronics inside. The power and durability of the MK3 2500, and the Kolorado color changers in general, make them one of the most popular choices in outdoor color changers. It is for these reasons that when one of the world’s largest structures needs to be illuminated, lighting designers turn to Griven.

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