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Timers and Wall Dimmers: Bright Ideas for Green Lighting

Today, homeowners and business owners alike are always on the look out for ways to save energy and save on their energy expenses. Many people look to the latest and greatest in LED and compact fluorescent bulbs first for ways to go green. There are however, other extremely simple ways to save on your energy use, namely the use of timers and dimmers. Timers have come a long way from the plastic mechanical dials that you would plug into power outlets, now, though these simple dimmers are certainly still used, there are more technologically advanced timers that are capable of handling multiple lighting programs. Sunlite’s T500 7 day timer is a wall-mounted timer with 36 on/off settings for full control over your lights. By using a timer, you can set your lights turn on and off when you’re not home, or while you are asleep, or at times when the office is empty. By using timers you can have lights on only when you need, saving you serious energy and money.

Wall dimmers are another way to not only save electricity, but to make your existing lamps last longer. By setting your lights to burn at a lower intensity, you can prolong the life all your bulbs including your incandescent and halogen light bulbs. Wall dimmers are easily mounted and come in a variety of styles to suit your decorative and functional needs. It is important to note, however, that combining wall dimmers and environmentally friendly bulbs, particularly CFLs, is not always so simple. Not all CFLs are dimmable and those that are, like cold cathode compact fluorescent for example, are not 100% dimmable. This means that you many not be able to use them on certain dimmers, and you should consult the manufacturers literature on the subject. Or, as always, you can contact me by leaving a message on my blog, or BulbAmerica with any questions you have by dialing 1-888-505-2111.

Save energy and money now—go green and save green! Invest in timers and dimmers today!
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