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Let it Snow with Snow Machines from BulbAmerica

By BulbAmerica Editor

Snow machines are a fantastic lighting effect that rapidly transforms any stage or space into a winter wonderland. There is a blizzard of snow machines to choose from so hopefully this article will help you navigate the options. My favorite snow machines are offered by American DJ and Elation. In particular I like American DJ’s Snow Flurry Snow Machine and Elation’s Silent Snow Effect Machine.American’s DJ’s 2,000 cu. ft./min Snow Flurry has a 2.2L tank capacity to keep you pumping snow for a long time. The Snow Flurry stays cool with its ECO thermal control system so the machine does not overheat; this also ensures the Snow Flurry’s durability. The Snow Flurry also features intelligent pump protection (IPP) so when the machine gets low on fluid, it does not continue to run and damage the machine. The Snow Flurry can be controlled easily with either an included remote control and has adjustable volume level to control the volume of snow produced.

Elation’s Silent Snow is an excellent snow machine option that is great for clubs, theatres, and movie sets. It can produce any amount of snow fall from a light flurry to a steady snow fall. One feature that sets the Silent Snow from American DJ’s snow machine is that the Silent Snow can be controlled via a DMX controller, thus allowing you to integrate it directly into your lighting system. If you do not want to use the Silent Snow with a DMX controller, the Silent Snow comes with a remote control that features a knob that allows you to adjust snow volume as well as an on/off rocker switch. The Silent Snow features the same great construction and performance that all Elation products have, so you know that it is a trustworthy piece of equipment.

BulbAmerica has a great selection of snow machines that will provide your show with a wondrous snow effect. Check out what we have and let it snow!

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Happy Monday

Happy #Monday Everyone - Stay warm! 

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