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The Tallest Skyscraper in the World's Light Show Reaches Unprecedented Heights

This past January the inauguration of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world, took place. The 2,717ft tower was inaugurated with perhaps one of the most technologically complex light shows ever created, featuring video, fireworks, and of course lighting. During the entire ceremony, 320 automated 7,000w xenon searchlights sent powerful white beams of light darting in sync with the fireworks being shot off the sides of the building. The ceremony also featured the most powerful searchlight in the world, a 72,000w xenon lamp powered single-beam search light. United Arab Emirate (UAE) newspapers reported many of the 6,000 inauguration invitees clasping the backs of their necks after nearly thirty minutes of looking up at the mesmerizing fireworks and searchlight display.

BulbAmerica has an array of searchlights and other outdoor lighting products to make a stunning impression on your audience. In addition to searchlights, we have numerous outdoor color changers, promotional projectors, and gobo changers to capture the attention of anyone near by. As usual, leave questions or comments on our blog or Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897.
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The Guangzhou Opera House Lights Up with ETC

The Guangzhou Opera House Lights Up with ETC

In May of this past year, the Guangzhou Opera House opened in China. The Guangzhou Opera House represents a landmark among operas houses with regard to its size, architecture, and technology. The 1,800 seat and 452,000sqft opera house required lighting that would match its size, thus, it was no surprise when lighting designers turned to ETC for their professional theatrical lighting technologies. The Guanzhou Opera House’s lighting system, from its controllers to its followspots was largely ETC. The stage’s lighting rig consisted of 360 ETC fixtures, which included 220 Source Four ellipsodials with beam angles ranging from 5˚ to 26˚ and 140 Source Four Revolution moving head fixtures. Sixteen of ETC’s Source Four Zoom were also used for narrower lighting. Like all high performance lighting systems, the Guanzhou Opera House’s lighting system featured numerous dimmers and ETC controllers.

The Guangzhou Opera House is an amazing step forward in theatre technology. Without the help of ETC’s Source Four technology, however, the opera may not shine as brightly. BulbAmerica stocks many of the same ETC Source Products used at the Guangzhou Opera House so you have access to the best lighting possible. Check out what we have to offer today! As always, feel free to comment or post a question on our blog or Facebook, or call  
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