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Let There Be Light!: A PAR Can Guide for Your House of Worship By BulbAmerica Editor

Let There Be Light!: A PAR Can Guide for Your House of Worship

Recently the house of worship lighting market has been inundated by options for PAR cans. Although the features of these PAR cans seem to be multiplying constantly, the essential decision for the beginning HOW lighting designer remains the same: should I use a traditional a PAR can or a LED PAR can? This article will discuss the pros and cons of each within the particular context of the church and worship service and hopefully it will help clarify your own thinking on the matter. One somewhat neglected but important aspect of this decision has to do with the church layout itself. Many older churches were not built with lighting systems in mind and can present the problem of mounting lighting systems in easily accessible places. Because of this, some churches may require trusses to be mounted higher up or in a hard to reach place. If this is the case, you may want to consider LED PAR cans. LED PAR cans have a much longer life hour rating (30,000hr – 50,00hr) than traditional par cans. Furthermore, LED PAR cans do not require the replacement of color gel filters. In short, if your PAR cans are hard to reach for maintenance, it is best that you get one that requires as little as possible.

LED PAR cans are not always the best choice for the situation. If your church worship service features musical acts using fog or smoke machines, you may want to consider traditional PAR cans. LED PAR cans are not quite as bright as incandescent PAR can lamps and sometimes lack the punch to cut through the fog and get the most out of the lighting effect fog machines yield. If there are LED PAR cans mounted up-stage to illuminate the audience, the flicker of the LEDs, if there is indeed one, and the sight of the individual bulbs rather than a coherent light source may be distracting. Some LED PAR cans, particularly lower end ones, may flicker on camera as AC current modulates and the LED lamp cycles, producing flickering perceptible by video cameras. For this reason, if you videotape or plan on doing so, you may want to determine how high end a LED PAR can you can afford, as any flickering in your recording will probably ruin your recording. To get the most out of your lighting system, you may consider choosing a combination of traditional and LED PAR cans. This will of course depend upon your lighting and personal priorities.This also presents its difficulties, as much matching color and light quality between the sources can sometimes be difficult. If you are willing to sacrifice lighting performance for a greener lighting system, you may opt for a complete LED system.

Like most important questions, there are no simple answers and more often, there really isn’t an answer at all. When it comes to choosing between LED and incandescent PAR cans it is best to know the limitations of each technology so you plan accordingly and use one’s advantages to compensate for the disadvantages of the other. BulbAmerica has both traditional and LED PAR cans to make your choice that much easier, be sure to check us out!
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A Lighting Guide for Your Church on the Go

In the July issue of Church Production Magazine, Greg Persinger wrote on the increasing trend of “mobile campus” churches. These mobile churches require the same excellent lighting as traditional churches but require their lighting systems to be easily transportable. Devising a proper system for a mobile lighting system can be both intimidating and challenging, but hopefully this article will provide you with some ideas on how to get your mobile lighting system rolling. Selecting what you will mount your lighting system on is one of the first decisions you will have to make. In order to decide whether you need a tripod stand or a truss system you will need to figure out how many and what size par cans, ellipsoidals, pin spots, etc. you require for your service. Tripod stands typically come in 9-ft or 10-ft spans with a 30lbs and 100lbs maximum weight load respectively. If your lighting needs exceed the limitations of these stands, then a truss system is most likely for you. In addition to being to bear more weight, trusses come with the added benefit of being able to fly lightweight speakers. Truss systems come in non-crank or crank-up versions. They typically have 10-ft spans with maximum loads of 200lbs to 300lbs. The truss systems themselves weigh around 85lbs.

Another crucial decision you will need to make will regard what type of par cans and other types of lighting you will want to use. The heart of your lighting system will be a combination of PAR cans and/or ellipsoidal lights. For your par cans you will need to select a par can size and bulb and choose an appropriate beam type and wattage for your specific space. 
LED par cans should be seriously considered for your mobile lighting set up. Their energy efficiency will reduce the amount you need. Furthermore, LED par cans have on board dimmers, lighting effects, and color changing abilities which will cut down on the number of dimmer packs, gels and other hardware you would otherwise need. The durability of LEDs makes them ideal for regular transportation. LED par cans are often weatherproof in case you want to bring your worship service out of doors. BulbAmerica sells PAR can packages to help you assemble an appropriate lighting system and choose the specifications that are right for you. Ellipsoidal lights feature an ellipsoidal reflector and often a series of lenses, a lens train, an adjustable barrel for focus, a gel frame, and a slot for gobos.

In order to dim and control your lighting you will need a dimmer pack and a control console. Portable dimmer packs, like those made by Optima, feature an easy to use LCD display and will enable you to control your lighting. You will also need a controller. Controllers can be extremely complex and deserve an article unto themselves, luckily we have one on our blog (see “Taking Control of Your Lighting System”). You’ll want to choose a controller that has controls that will be intuitive and easy to use by the light operator, whether that means selecting a controller that uses primarily sliders or a more computer-like interface. You may want to choose a controller that can save your lighting settings and scenes either on the controller’s hardrive or externally on a thumbdrive or CD. No matter what features you end up choosing, you must ensure that your controller is compact and durable enough to survive constant transportation.

Of course you may have more questions than this article is capable of answering. You should always consult an expert rather than make a decision with limited information. Though your church venue may be temporary, the high quality of your worship service should not be. Our experts would be more than willing to field your questions either through email or over the phone. Safe travels!
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Elation's ELAR TRI EX Flood LED: An Innovative Outdoor Lighting Solution

Elation Professional is typically known for its quality stage and DJ lighting products, however Elation’s new ELAR series LED products feature innovative LED lighting solutions for all sorts of architectural lighting applications. One of my favorite ELAR line products is the ELAR EX TRI Flood LED RGB. The 60w TRI Flood features 15 3w Tri-color LEDs and a 40˚beam angle, which makes the TRI Flood a great choice for color washes. With an IP65 rating and durable die cast aluminum housing, the TRI Flood can withstand the elements and provide you with consistent flood lighting no matter what the weather. This unique outdoor flood unit can be operated in numerous modes, making it very versatile. The TRI Flood can be operated using a DMX controller or can be controlled with the optional remote and IR control set up. Foregoing control altogether is also an option, simply set the TRI Flood to run according to its own internal built-in programs or auto mode and you set this unit and forget it.

Elation’s ELAR EX TRI Flood LED RGB is a truly unique outdoor flood unit. Check out or selection of Elation’s other products in addition to our other outdoor LED products, you won’t be disappointed! As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.
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Elation's ELAR EXFLOOD: A Powerful LED Wash

As LEDs continue to prove themselves in architectural lighting applications, LED wash units continue to multiply. In this article I am going to help you separate the wheat from the chaff and direct your attention to Elation’s ELAR EXFLOOD LED wash unit, an LED wash unit that pacts a brilliant punch. The EXFLOOD is a high output LED color changer, powered by 216 LEDs with a 40˚ beam angle for perfect wall washes. The IP65 rated EXFLOOD features a die-cast aluminum housing to make this unit extremely durable. Controllable via stand alone or a DMX controller, the EXFLOOD lends itself to either architectural applications or theatrical applications. Built in strobing and 0-100% dimming gives you a great deal of versatility in crafting the light right for you. The 10lb EXFLOOD is light and compact enough for easy transportation, making it ideal if you design events and are constantly moving your lighting around. Elation’s ELAR EXFLOOD is a great choice for outdoor architectural or entertainment wall washes. It’s formidable light and nearly infinite color capabilities make a stand out performer.

BulbAmerica has the EXFLOOD and many of Elation’s other products in stock and ready to ship today, so check out what we have to offer. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.
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Chauvet's ColoRADO 6 LED Washes Out the Competition

Chauvet has entered the outdoor lighting ring with their IP66 rated ColoRADO 6 wash unit and has served a veritable KO to its opponents. The 149w ColoRADO 6 features 108 one-watt LEDs, each rated at 50,000hrs each, to give the fixture its powerful light. The ColoRADO 6 is perfect for both architectural and entertainment applications. The flicker free functioning of this unit also allows it function perfectly in film and video broadcasting applications. By choosing to control the ColoRAO 6 in a stand alone mode via its on board LED controls you can leave it alone to illuminate the side of a building or a wall. Or, opt to use a controller and control your ColoRADO 6 in 3, 4, 9, or 12 channel modes. By using the dimmer and strobe features, you can introduce dynamic lighting into your wall washing, these features can all be controlled through a password protected LED display on board the ColoRADO 6 itself or via a DMX controller.

Chauvet has outfitted the Colorado 6 with two features to its sturdy construction that make it easy to use. One is that multiple ColoRADO 6 units can be easily interlocked to create a blinder, wall, or strip light effects. Secondly, the intelligently designed ColoRADO 6 can be easily rotated to adjust the angle at which it shines by using two easy to use knobs on either end of the luminaire.

BulbAmerica has ColoRADO 6 units in stock so act now and get yours today! We also stock a wide range of Chauvet’s other products to get your lighting looking great. As usual, leave comments or questions on our blog or Facebook, or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any other further inquires.

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Elation's DLED PRO 36: Light Bright, Light Right

Finding a LED PAR can that is bright, durable, and can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications is no simple task. In this article I will provide an overview of Elation’s DLED 36 PRO, an indestructible LED PAR Can that will last a long time and not break the bank. The DLED 36 PRO has an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65 and features a die cast aluminum housing. The 108w DLED 36 PRO has 36 three watt LEDs to produce bright and vibrant RGB color changing and has a 15˚ lens kit with a 14˚ beam angle and a 25˚ lens kit. To get the most out of your DLED 36 Pro, you can run the DLED in stand alone, sound activated, master/slave mode, or DMX controllable mode. With a built in strobe (up to 18fps), you can easily use your DLED in DJ lighting or club settings, making this LED luminaire extremely versatile. To further increase the usability of this fixture, Elation outfitted it with a dual yoke for mounting which can also be used as a split bracket if you want to stand the DLED up for uplighting purposes.

Like many high end LED PARs, the DLED is flicker free, making it a useful light source in film production and live video broadcasting. To get the most out of your light and further customize the quality of light coming out of the DLED pro, it comes with a gel/lens frame which allows you to put an additional lens so you can further diffuse the light or change the light in some other way. The DLED weighs only 15lbs and is small enough to be easily transported, making it ideal for the DJ, theatre, or church on the go.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Elation’s DLED 36 Pro. Its durability and performance coupled with Elation’s commitment to excellence make it irresistible. Check it out, and also check out the other fantastic products by Elation that we offer. As always, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897.
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Griven's Gobo Projectors Sends Your Logo on the Go

For outdoor projectors and color changers, there is simply no match for Griven. Griven’s gobo projectors, like their outdoor color changers, search lights, and promotional projectors are unmatched in their quality, power, and durability. The Goboclip, Gobostorm, and Gobostorm Plus gobo projectors will project your logo with unmatched brilliance will give your business the attention it deserves. Griven’s Goboclip MK3, Gobostorm, and Gobostorm Plus represent the cream of the gobo projector crop, in this article I will go through some of the key features that make Griven’s gobo projectors great.

The Goboclip comes ready to brave the elements with an IP rating of 65 and a compact and light weight aluminum with a scratch resistant grey coating that allows the Goboclip to remain inconspicuous. The 200w Goboclip uses either a 150w CDM-SA/T 150 metal halide lamp or a 150w HSD 150 metal halide lamp. There are two main differences between these two lamps, the CDM-SA/T150 has an output of 12,900lm and a color temperature 4,200K while the HSD lamp has a slightly lower light output at 12,000lm but has a cooler color temperature at 7,000K. The Goboclip zoom and focus can be adjusted manually, thus allowing you to change the beam angle from anywhere between 19° and 30°. The Goboclip can be controlled in a stand alone mode by using the electronic display at the back of the projector, or it can be used with a DMX controller. The Goboclip is designed so you can be as flexible as you want not only with regard to adjustable beam angle and method of control, but also regarding changing your glass or metal gobos. With the removal of two screws, the entire front of the projector lifts up, allowing you to easily swap in and out gobos and dichroic filters to get your projection perfect.

The 750w Gobostorm is the bigger sibling of the Goboclip. The Gobostorm uses either an MSD or MSR 575w metal halide lamp to ensure that the image being projected can been clearly and at substantial distances. The MSD 575 features a light output of 42,000lm and a color temperature of 6,000K compared to the MSR 575’s 49,000lm output and 7,200K color temperature. The MSD however, has a signficatnly longer life hour rating at 3,000hrs compared to the MSR’s 1,000 life hour rating. The Gobostorm features even more optical variability than the Goboclip with a manually adjustable beam angle of between 10° and 20° via the zoom and focus adjustment. The Gobostorm features the same IP65 rating and die cast aluminum exterior, but also an advanced convection cool system to keep the projector working its best. The Gobostorm shares with the Goboclip its control options as well as convenient and easy access for changing its dichroic filters and gobos. In addition to all of the features of the Gobostorm, the Gobostorm plus has a series on board effects including a mechanical dimmer, a strobe, and special effects (three prisms, five prisms, distortion and frost filters).

The Goboclip and Gobostorm series are among the best outdoor gobo projectors available. Their versatility and durability make them an unbeatable tool for outdoor promotions. BulbAmerica has all of Griven gobo projectors plus more! Check it out.
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Outdoor LED PAR Cans: Bright Light in Any Weather

Finding durable outdoor lighting with fantastic performance has always been a problem. Luckily, as LEDs are further integrated into PAR cans it seems that there has been a steady flow of weather-resistant LED PAR cans with impressive brightness and RGB color changing abilities. In this article I will review three outdoor LED PARs that I think deserve special attention for their outstanding durability and exceptional performance and features. 

Acclaim’s Rebel PRO PAR 36 is built for outdoor abuse. The fixture IP44 rated fixture is encased in a durable IP65 rated case that guarantees the long life of the fixture. Despite its sturdy aluminum casing, the PRO PAR weighs only 11lbs and is ideal for the DJ, church, or venue on the go. Acclaim’s Pro PAR is particularly well suited for outdoor television and video production because it is engineered to be flicker free and mitigate the cycling of LEDs bulbs that occurs naturally from the use of AC current. The Pro PAR also features a dual yoke and integrated floor stand for either mounting on a truss or standing on the ground. The Rebel Pro PAR features full DMX controllability in addition to an auto and manual mode that can be initiated via the Pro PAR’s LED display.

Chauvet offers the Colorado 2 PAR64 LED, a powerful and durable LED PAR64 can. The COLORAdo 2 has an IP66 rating and weighs only 20lbs, making it ideal for a mobile theatre company or church that demands a bright wash. The ColoRADO has 48 bright 2w-3w LEDs that can mix brilliant colors with or without the use of a DMX controller. One feature that I particularly like on the COLORado 2 is its variable color temperature presets (3,200K – 10,000K), this feature gives you an additional degree of control over your quality of light and therefore an additional degree control over the ambiance you are trying to create. The 11˚ beam angle coupled with the COLORado’s light intensity of 15,061lux (@ 2m) makes the COLOado a formidable PAR with an excellent and consistent wash effect.

Last, but certainly not least, is Elation’s Design LED 108IP. This color changing LED PAR can is IP65 rated and features a weatherproofed LED display and button panel at the back of the can for control in any situation. The Design LED features 36 powerful 3w LEDs, each rated at 100,000hrs of continuous bright light. The Design LED comes with a 15˚ standard beam angle in addition to optional 25˚ and 45˚beam angles kits. One interesting feature of the design LED is that it offers three distinct levels of control with 3 channel, 4 channel, and 6 channel DMX modes. This feature allows you versatility in using your Design LED while conserving channels on your controller that you may want to assign to other fixtures depending on your outdoor show’s needs.

These three outdoor LED PARs are all excellent and exemplify the latest in LED PAR can technology. For the sake of brevity I did not go into all of the features of all of these cans, but I assure you there are many more than the ones I discussed. Be sure to check out all of these LED PARs and our other outdoor LED options, you won’t be disappointed!

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Griven IP65 Color Changers Shine Bright No Matter What the Weather

Griven is the recognized world leader in color changers, their line of IP65 outdoor color changers is no exception. The ingress protection (IP) ratings measure a device’s ability to resist the entry of different size solid objects and amounts of liquid. A rating of 65 means that Griven’s outdoor color changers are pretty much impermeable and can be placed in any outdoor environment with no performance deterioration. The Colosseo OS CYM 1000 and the Griven Coloseo OS CYM 1000 HFT (built in wireless transmitter version) are two of Griven’s best IP65 color changers and have been used to light up some of the world’s largest and most impressive structures.

The Colosseo OS CYM 1000 line is seriously powerful; its HQI-TS metal halide lamp produces an amazing 90,000lm at 1,000w. The OS CYM 1000 changers have 3 DMX channels and are fully controllable in stand alone or in master/slave configuration. Griven offers the option of a built in wireless DMX receiver. This is handy because the OS CYM 1000 line is extremely versatile and can be mounted literally anywhere and therefore direct cable connectivity would prove cumbersome. The OS CYM 1000 series comes with the option an IP65 rated universal controller to make sure that not only your color changers can survive the elements, but your controller can too.

The OS CYM 1000 line’s color options are just as versatile as the fixture is itself. Its step motor powered CYM color changer can achieve virtually any color through the mixing of magenta, cyan, and yellow dichroic filters. In addition to nearly limitless colors, the OS CYM 1000s have a built in black out that functions by the closing of all the dichoric filters. The DMX controllable black-out and can be used as another lighting effect for the OS CYM. The Standard beam angle for the OS CYM 1000 and OS CYM 1000 HFT is 35˚ with the option of a 29˚ and 49˚ filter.

If large-scale, long-term, out door color changing lighting is on your horizon then the Given OS CYM 1000 line is the best choice for you. Draw attention to your hotel or nightclub and you won’t be disappointed by the increased attention your business gets thanks to the Griven OS CYM 1000s. The Griven Colosseo line are not the only IP65 color changers they offer, be sure to check out their entire line on our website right now!
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Griven Promotional Projectors Bring Your Venue To Life

Promotional projectors are great for projecting images on buildings or most other surfaces for your trade show, outdoor or indoor event, exhibitions, or concerts. They are a great way to advertise and get people excited about your attraction on a large scale. Promotional projectors are typically powered by powerful high intensity discharge lamps (HID). The Griven Pro-Motion 1200 projector uses either a 1,200w Osram HSR bulb or a 1,200w Philips MSR bulb. Both bulbs are metal halide based with life hour ratings of 1,000 hours and 800 hours respectively. The Pro Motion 1200’s big brother, the Pro-Motion 2000 uses a 1,800w 160,000lm HTI lamp, which is known for its power and brilliant light. Aside from the difference in lamp, the Pro-Motion 2000 features a 9fps strobe and blackout which the 1200 lacks.

Griven offers a wide range of products to maximize the efficacy and tailor your Pro-Motion 1200 or Pro-Motion 2000 to your needs. To add further color capabilities to your promotional lighting try Griven’s Pro-Motion color-changer. For the Pro-Motion 1200, you can install the Griven film scroller module for 6cm X 7cm film, allowing you to feature film strips in your outdoor or indoor projection. There are also numerous lens options, from the Pro-Motion slide zoom to Pro-Motion narrow beam lenses, Griven provides you with what you need to change the quality and size of the projected image quickly and precisely. Griven has numerous modules for both Pro-Motion projector models, allowing you nearly endless projection possibilities. Check them all out today!
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