Griven Promotional Projectors Bring Your Venue To Life

Promotional projectors are great for projecting images on buildings or most other surfaces for your trade show, outdoor or indoor event, exhibitions, or concerts. They are a great way to advertise and get people excited about your attraction on a large scale. Promotional projectors are typically powered by powerful high intensity discharge lamps (HID). The Griven Pro-Motion 1200 projector uses either a 1,200w Osram HSR bulb or a 1,200w Philips MSR bulb. Both bulbs are metal halide based with life hour ratings of 1,000 hours and 800 hours respectively. The Pro Motion 1200’s big brother, the Pro-Motion 2000 uses a 1,800w 160,000lm HTI lamp, which is known for its power and brilliant light. Aside from the difference in lamp, the Pro-Motion 2000 features a 9fps strobe and blackout which the 1200 lacks.

Griven offers a wide range of products to maximize the efficacy and tailor your Pro-Motion 1200 or Pro-Motion 2000 to your needs. To add further color capabilities to your promotional lighting try Griven’s Pro-Motion color-changer. For the Pro-Motion 1200, you can install the Griven film scroller module for 6cm X 7cm film, allowing you to feature film strips in your outdoor or indoor projection. There are also numerous lens options, from the Pro-Motion slide zoom to Pro-Motion narrow beam lenses, Griven provides you with what you need to change the quality and size of the projected image quickly and precisely. Griven has numerous modules for both Pro-Motion projector models, allowing you nearly endless projection possibilities. Check them all out today!
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