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Charge Up Your Lighting Today With Elation's Event Panel

With LED based lighting products, versatility is the name of the game. Because they use so little energy, LED luminaires can be used in novel and versatile ways, especially with the integration of battery systems into the fixture. It is for this reason that Elation Professional’s Event Panel is one of my favorite products right now. The Event Panel features 288 10mm LEDs rated at 100,000 hrs each. The Event Panel can be controlled via three different methods: either via a DMX controller, the on board LCD display, or by letting it run automatically through a sound activated mode that works through the Event Panel’s built in microphone. The panel also features a master/slave feature so you can link multiple panels up and run them. This is especially helpful if you are using the Event Panel in architectural applications or stage lighting applications.

What really sets the Event Pane apart from its competition is its detachable and chargeable 12v battery. By running the Event Panel on battery power you can use it in spaces where an outlet may not be accessible. The battery power option for the Event Panel coupled with its flicker free performance makes the Event Panel perfect for a filmmaker who needs a color changing wash and great looking light. The battery is extremely easy to charge, just plug it into a normal outlet and within a few hours your Event Panel is ready to shine. By simply detaching the battery, the Event Panel can be mounted to a truss or stand for theatre or other event applications and can be plugged in directly for continuous power.

Elation’s Event Panel deserves a look if you need a highly portable and versatile LED wash. Whether you are a DJ who runs the show at weddings or you are shooting a film, the Event Panel can provide you the lighting you need. Check it out today! As always, leave a message or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.


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