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Daft Punk Comes Alive with Moving Heads and Strobes

Some things you will always remember: your first kiss, your child’s first steps, your first bicycle—you get the picture. I certainly remember all of these things, in addition to one very bright memory: Daft Punk’s 2007 Alive tour’s concert lighting. I know it was a number of years ago now, but it just doesn’t get much better than this show. Daft Punk, a pair of French DJs, was situated in a giant pyramid surrounded by huge lattices of LED tube lights. The base and top of the pyramid were comprised of LED screens to keep the action truly non-stop. The pyramid was surrounded by two diagonally hung trusses, one on either side of the pyramid, which framed Daft Punk’s pyramid with a combined 12 moving heads powered by Philips’ MSR metal halide short arc lamps. Perpendicular the diagonally hung truss was another truss that ran the width of the stage, featuring another set of 12 moving heads and three powerful strobes to get those robotic effects necessary to match the music.

There parallel trusses were hung above the stage; these trusses featured a combined 38 moving heads and eight strobes to really create a multi-dimensional lighting experience. Mounted directly on the stage, surrounding the pyramid, were another 18 moving heads and six strobes to ensure that the lighting designers had all of their angles covered. As you can probably infer, Daft Punk’s show was packed with moving and dynamic lighting. If you have ever heard Daft Punk’s music you would know that their space-age disco hits could only be matched a lighting set up that was truly massive, ever-changing, and well, alive.

BulbAmerica has all the stage lighting equipment, including strobes, moving heads, and LED tubes, to make your performance a memorable one. Check out what we have to offer today! As usual, leave us a comment on our blog or our Facebook or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 for anything you need.
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Elation Beam Design Moving Heads: Moving and Turning Heads Like None Other

By BulbAmerica Editor

As moving head light fixtures become more popular and more ubiquitous, it is harder and harder to choose the one worth your money and that is right for your needs. In this article I will discuss Elation Professional’s Design Beam series of moving heads and what I believe makes them unique and warrants an extra look. So, let’s get started. One feature that sets the Elation Design Beam series is their versatility. The Elation Design Beam 300 and Design Beam 1200 Compact can serve as spot, wash, and beam projectors with their respective 7.5˚ and 6.7˚ beam angles and by opening and closing the head’s frost filter, which changes the hardness of the beam’s edge. This versatility allows you to change the role of your moving heads as well as the look of your lighting effect on the fly. The Design Beam moving heads silently pan 630˚or 540˚ (user selected) and tilt 265˚, allowing for lively performances. The Design Beam and 300 and 1200 Compact also share nearly identical gobo performance with the ability for dynamic gobo prism and rotation effects. The Design Beam 300 and 1200 compact, however, have some distinguishing features that are essential to highlight.

The Design Beam 300 is distinguished from the 1200 Compact foremost by their different lamps. Both moving heads feature Philips MSR HID lamps. The 300 features a 300w MSR that puts out an impressive 33,150lux at 30ft. The 1200 Compact features a 1,200w MSR which produces an extremely bright 107,500lux at 25ft. One of the key differences between the 300 and 1200 compact is obviously their power and luminosity. In selecting between the two you want to consider how much power you have available, how high your trusses will be from the stage, and how much other light is being produced by other fixtures in your system. Another important difference between the two moving heads regards their color capabilities. The Design Beam 300 and 1200 Compct both feature CMY color changing, but the 1200 Compact also offers variable color temperature orange (CTO), in order to correct colors and make their rendering precise.

Elation’s Design Beam 300 and 1200 Compact are high quality and powerful moving heads. What sets the Design Beam heads from other moving heads is their unique frost filter that allows you a great deal of flexibility in deciding how you will use them. In short the Design Beam 300 and 1200 are an outstanding choice for performance spaces of all sizes.BulbAmerica has both moving heads in stock right now, so check it out today!

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