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LED Tube Lighting: At the Center of Attention with Color and Image

With the proliferation of LEDs, display lighting has exploded with new products and innovative lighting ideas. One of the most exciting LED products geared for display lighting, night club lighting, and retail is LED color changing tubes. Both Acclaim Lighting and American DJ offer LED tubes. In this article the two manufacturers’ light tubes will be compared back-to-back to give you an idea of what is available and what these tubes can really do. ADJ’s LED 39in tubes have 144 LEDs and are user friendly, they can do almost anything. These tubes are 100% dimmable and when operated by the ADJ Rainbow II DMX controller and perform numerous pre-programmed sequences and can produce hundreds of hues using the tubes’ RGB color mixing. With the Rainbow II controller, the tubes can strobe and display impressive pre-programmed macros, or you can make your own chase sequences. ADJ Rainbow tubes are waterproof and include mounting brackets with each tube so you can use your tube anywhere.

Acclaim Lighting offers another great LED tube lighting option. The 47.25in Acclaim Pixel Tube comes in 15 LED and 30 LED versions. Like the ADJ Rainbow tubes, the Pixel Tube is ready for outdoor use with an IP rating of 65. The Pixel Tube has some tricks up its sleeve that sets it apart from the competition. The Pixel tube is designed for low resolution video applications. In conjunction with Acclaim’s X-software, your Pixel tube display will be the center of attention in any lighting system. One important implication of the Pixel Tube’s video capabilities is that it features 6-pin DMX connectivity versus standard 3-pin XLR in order to handle the additional video data. So, if you decide to opt for the Pixel Tube you will need to be able to accommodate 6-pin connectivity. Nevertheless, Acclaim Pixel Tube can provide your venue or retail application with exciting images in a simple package.

LED light tubes represent the forefront of LEDs’ boundless display applications. The ADJ Rainbow tubes are perfect if you want alluring RGB color changing, limitless color hues, and excellent strobes and chases. The Acclaim Pixel Tube is for the lighting designed that wants to blend light and image into a single package. BulbAmerica stocks both so you don’t have to decide between the two. Check these LED lighting tubes out right now!


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