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ETC Raises the Bar with their PARs

ETC has long been a game changer in theatrical lighting. ETC’s Source Four technology, introduced in 1992, ushered in the ellipsoidal luminaire and the HPL lamp, both of which are popular choices in many stage lighting applications. ETC is once more making waves, this time by adapting their Source Four technology to the PAR can. ETC’s Source Four PAR Enhanced Aluminum Reflector (EA) is powerful, aesthetically appealing, and versatile. The Source Four PAR EA is among the brightest PAR cans available, it is rated for 750w HPL lamps which make it comparable to a PAR64 can with a 1,000w lamp (For more info on HPL lamps, see the article on them posted on our blog). This means that the PAR EA will save you energy over PAR 64s. This fact sets the Source Four EA apart from other PAR cans, but one only needs to see the Source Four’s die-cast aluminum housing to know that this PAR can is different. The Source Four EA’s narrow sculpted can and its attractive black or white finishes make it an attractive option for architectural lighting in addition to stage lighting.

The Source Four PAR EA, like many of ETC’s products, is distinguished by its versatility and usability. The Source Four PAR features interchangeable lenses that run the gamut of beam types from very narrow spot (VNSP) to extra wide flood (XWFL) (optional lens) for broad even washes at shorter distances. The Source Four PAR features unrivaled usability and excellent design with its system of snap-in rings that hold the lenses in place, allowing you to avoid the potentially hazardous task of reach into a hot PAR can. ETC has also addressed one of the PAR can’s most serious short comings, its generation of heat. The Source Four PAR Metal Cold Mirror (MCM) has all of the features of the EA, but features a special reflector coating that prevents heat from leaving the fixture.

ETC’s Source Four PAR EA and PAR MM represent the latest in PAR can technology. As with all of their products, ETC’s PARs feature amazing versatility and performance and attractive design. If you are looking to ramp-up your PAR can arsenal with increased versatility at less wattage then look no further than ETC’s PAR cans. BulbAmerica stocks all of them and other ETC products at amazing prices, so be sure to check us out!
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Let There Be Light!: A PAR Can Guide for Your House of Worship By BulbAmerica Editor

Let There Be Light!: A PAR Can Guide for Your House of Worship

Recently the house of worship lighting market has been inundated by options for PAR cans. Although the features of these PAR cans seem to be multiplying constantly, the essential decision for the beginning HOW lighting designer remains the same: should I use a traditional a PAR can or a LED PAR can? This article will discuss the pros and cons of each within the particular context of the church and worship service and hopefully it will help clarify your own thinking on the matter. One somewhat neglected but important aspect of this decision has to do with the church layout itself. Many older churches were not built with lighting systems in mind and can present the problem of mounting lighting systems in easily accessible places. Because of this, some churches may require trusses to be mounted higher up or in a hard to reach place. If this is the case, you may want to consider LED PAR cans. LED PAR cans have a much longer life hour rating (30,000hr – 50,00hr) than traditional par cans. Furthermore, LED PAR cans do not require the replacement of color gel filters. In short, if your PAR cans are hard to reach for maintenance, it is best that you get one that requires as little as possible.

LED PAR cans are not always the best choice for the situation. If your church worship service features musical acts using fog or smoke machines, you may want to consider traditional PAR cans. LED PAR cans are not quite as bright as incandescent PAR can lamps and sometimes lack the punch to cut through the fog and get the most out of the lighting effect fog machines yield. If there are LED PAR cans mounted up-stage to illuminate the audience, the flicker of the LEDs, if there is indeed one, and the sight of the individual bulbs rather than a coherent light source may be distracting. Some LED PAR cans, particularly lower end ones, may flicker on camera as AC current modulates and the LED lamp cycles, producing flickering perceptible by video cameras. For this reason, if you videotape or plan on doing so, you may want to determine how high end a LED PAR can you can afford, as any flickering in your recording will probably ruin your recording. To get the most out of your lighting system, you may consider choosing a combination of traditional and LED PAR cans. This will of course depend upon your lighting and personal priorities.This also presents its difficulties, as much matching color and light quality between the sources can sometimes be difficult. If you are willing to sacrifice lighting performance for a greener lighting system, you may opt for a complete LED system.

Like most important questions, there are no simple answers and more often, there really isn’t an answer at all. When it comes to choosing between LED and incandescent PAR cans it is best to know the limitations of each technology so you plan accordingly and use one’s advantages to compensate for the disadvantages of the other. BulbAmerica has both traditional and LED PAR cans to make your choice that much easier, be sure to check us out!
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Get the Most Out of Your Lighting Fixtures with Optima's Floor Stand

Though you may be used to seeing your PAR cans hanging above your head, it doesn’t mean they have to be. Optima’s Floor PAR Can Stand allows you to get more out of your PAR cans or other lighting effect units. By mounting the yoke of your PAR can or other lighting effect fixtures to the stand, and then securing it using the provided bolt and hexagonal nuts, you can experience your lighting in a whole new way. By floor mounting your PAR can, you can provide your stage or other event with the benefits of the smooth and even light of your PAR cans in a wall-washing, up-lighting, or accent lighting capacity. The mounting stand is a useful tool for all production houses and churches, but it is especially handy for smaller or traveling venues and DJs that are looking to maximize their lighting options while using a minimum of lighting fixtures. 

Optima’s floor lighting stand will fit PAR 36, PAR38, PAR46, PAR56, PAR64 cans and will support any fixture under 15lbs. Its steel construction and simple design make this stand extremely durable and great for being taken on the road. Get more out of your PAR cans and other lighting by getting an Optima floor stand, your audience will thank you for it!

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Elation's DLED PRO 36: Light Bright, Light Right

Finding a LED PAR can that is bright, durable, and can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications is no simple task. In this article I will provide an overview of Elation’s DLED 36 PRO, an indestructible LED PAR Can that will last a long time and not break the bank. The DLED 36 PRO has an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65 and features a die cast aluminum housing. The 108w DLED 36 PRO has 36 three watt LEDs to produce bright and vibrant RGB color changing and has a 15˚ lens kit with a 14˚ beam angle and a 25˚ lens kit. To get the most out of your DLED 36 Pro, you can run the DLED in stand alone, sound activated, master/slave mode, or DMX controllable mode. With a built in strobe (up to 18fps), you can easily use your DLED in DJ lighting or club settings, making this LED luminaire extremely versatile. To further increase the usability of this fixture, Elation outfitted it with a dual yoke for mounting which can also be used as a split bracket if you want to stand the DLED up for uplighting purposes.

Like many high end LED PARs, the DLED is flicker free, making it a useful light source in film production and live video broadcasting. To get the most out of your light and further customize the quality of light coming out of the DLED pro, it comes with a gel/lens frame which allows you to put an additional lens so you can further diffuse the light or change the light in some other way. The DLED weighs only 15lbs and is small enough to be easily transported, making it ideal for the DJ, theatre, or church on the go.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Elation’s DLED 36 Pro. Its durability and performance coupled with Elation’s commitment to excellence make it irresistible. Check it out, and also check out the other fantastic products by Elation that we offer. As always, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897.
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Outdoor LED PAR Cans: Bright Light in Any Weather

Finding durable outdoor lighting with fantastic performance has always been a problem. Luckily, as LEDs are further integrated into PAR cans it seems that there has been a steady flow of weather-resistant LED PAR cans with impressive brightness and RGB color changing abilities. In this article I will review three outdoor LED PARs that I think deserve special attention for their outstanding durability and exceptional performance and features. 

Acclaim’s Rebel PRO PAR 36 is built for outdoor abuse. The fixture IP44 rated fixture is encased in a durable IP65 rated case that guarantees the long life of the fixture. Despite its sturdy aluminum casing, the PRO PAR weighs only 11lbs and is ideal for the DJ, church, or venue on the go. Acclaim’s Pro PAR is particularly well suited for outdoor television and video production because it is engineered to be flicker free and mitigate the cycling of LEDs bulbs that occurs naturally from the use of AC current. The Pro PAR also features a dual yoke and integrated floor stand for either mounting on a truss or standing on the ground. The Rebel Pro PAR features full DMX controllability in addition to an auto and manual mode that can be initiated via the Pro PAR’s LED display.

Chauvet offers the Colorado 2 PAR64 LED, a powerful and durable LED PAR64 can. The COLORAdo 2 has an IP66 rating and weighs only 20lbs, making it ideal for a mobile theatre company or church that demands a bright wash. The ColoRADO has 48 bright 2w-3w LEDs that can mix brilliant colors with or without the use of a DMX controller. One feature that I particularly like on the COLORado 2 is its variable color temperature presets (3,200K – 10,000K), this feature gives you an additional degree of control over your quality of light and therefore an additional degree control over the ambiance you are trying to create. The 11˚ beam angle coupled with the COLORado’s light intensity of 15,061lux (@ 2m) makes the COLOado a formidable PAR with an excellent and consistent wash effect.

Last, but certainly not least, is Elation’s Design LED 108IP. This color changing LED PAR can is IP65 rated and features a weatherproofed LED display and button panel at the back of the can for control in any situation. The Design LED features 36 powerful 3w LEDs, each rated at 100,000hrs of continuous bright light. The Design LED comes with a 15˚ standard beam angle in addition to optional 25˚ and 45˚beam angles kits. One interesting feature of the design LED is that it offers three distinct levels of control with 3 channel, 4 channel, and 6 channel DMX modes. This feature allows you versatility in using your Design LED while conserving channels on your controller that you may want to assign to other fixtures depending on your outdoor show’s needs.

These three outdoor LED PARs are all excellent and exemplify the latest in LED PAR can technology. For the sake of brevity I did not go into all of the features of all of these cans, but I assure you there are many more than the ones I discussed. Be sure to check out all of these LED PARs and our other outdoor LED options, you won’t be disappointed!

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