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Cold Cathode Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Getting the Green Light for Environmentally Friendly Lighting

In the past, cold cathode compact fluorescent technology has been used in laptop and photocopier displays. Now, the cold cathode compact fluorescent lamp (CCFL) is the latest CFL technology to hit the lighting market. There are numerous important differences between CCFLs and ordinary compact fluorescent bulbs that make them an exciting and interesting new technology. Cold cathode lamps have a much longer life hour rating than CFLs do, they are rated at around 25,000 hours which brings their lifespan close to that of LEDs. Another important advantage they have over standard CFLs is that they reach peak luminosity almost as soon as they are turned and they are also almost fully dimmable. The excellent dimming performance of CFLs allows them to be used with all sorts of dimmers, including digital dimmers which is a first for CFL bulbs.

CCFLs are not without their disadvantages. CCFLs do not produce as many lumens as traditional CFLs and for this reason are not ideal for home interior unless you are planning using them in clusters or are using them in a space in which you do not require that much light. CCFLs produce lumens in the range of 200lm to 1050lm at wattages between 3w and18w. Some household applications of the CCFL have included outdoor and garden lighting in which you are lighting a path that does not require bright illumination. CCFLs are great outdoor light options because they are also very durable. CCFLs have been typically been used most widely in outdoor signs and marquees.

CCFLs are an exciting new fluorescent lighting technology that is already proving to be a great innovation to outdoor lighting and sign lighting. Ushio is the foremost manufacturer of CCFLs and we stock their entire line, check it out today!
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