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The World Cup Lights Up with Osram's LEDs

The World Cup soccer stadiums in South Africa are the object of attention of millions of viewers watching the greatest soccer talents in the world vie for victory. Some eyes, however, are trained on the stadiums in South Africa for reasons unrelated to soccer, namely their use of cutting edge LED and HID lighting technologies. Osram-Sylvania has agreed to supply all ten World Cup venues with environmentally friendly lighting solutions, and has done so, particularly at the Green Point and Moses Mabhida Stadiums, in a spectacular fashion.

The Green Point stadium, located in Cape Town, is one of Osram’s greatest lighting achievements in South Africa. The rebuilt Green Point stadium features its LED lighting as its architectural focal point. The stadium has a wavy balustrade of white light that wraps around the entire stadium. The stadium’s designers needed a light bulb that was slim and would not interfere with the stadium’s elegant architecture. To solve this problem Osram used its Opto Semiconductors and Golden Dragon Plus LEDs to be hidden, yet produce a striking white light. In total Osram used 482 luminaires which amounted to 1.8 meters of lights. These lights were installed along the wavy balustrade and the ring encircling the top of the stadium. The Osram luminaires, like most LED bulbs, have an estimated life span of 50,000 hours or more and guarantee the lighting system to be low maintenance.

The second of Osram’s largest lighting installations is at the Moses Mabhida Stadium (pictured above) in Durban. The Mabhida Stadium features a 350 meter long arch (1,148 feet), 105 meter (348 feet) high, spanning the entire stadium. The beam is illuminated by 12,000 Osram Golden Dragon plus LEDs as well as custom LED beams. The LED system on the beam features exciting strobe patterns that bring the stadium to life. In both the Green Point Stadium and the Mabhida stadium Osram also installed HID lighting, T5, and T8 fluorescent lamps.
Osram’s decision to outfit the World Cup stadiums with LEDs signals the global push toward LEDs and other forms efficient lighting like CFLs and HIDs.

Embrace the World Cup fever and check out our LED and other green lighting technologies today.
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