The MSD250: The Best Lamp for Entertainment Lighting

The MSD250 is one of the most widely trusted lamps in theatre, studio, concert, and projection lighting. The MSD250 is a single ended metal halide high intensity discharge (HID) lamp with a GY9.5 two-pin prefocus base. The lamp’s 5mm arc produces a powerful 180,000 lumens and has an impressive life hour rating of 3,000 hours. The MSD250 has proven a popular choice by manufacturers of intelligent lighting fixtures, or automated moving heads, including American DJ, Elation Professional, and others.

Though the Philips’ MSD Broadway series is the most widely recognized line of lamp products like it. Manufacturers including Osram (HSD series) and Platinum, and Silver offer alternative lamps to the Philips MSD250 Broadway that are similar in performance and light characteristics to the MSD250. Platinum and ilver’s MSD250 replacement bulbs have near identical performance to the Philips MSD, but are priced far more reasonably, making them affordable to more venues. Platinum’s MSD replacement is listed at $99.99 and Silver’s is listed at $77.50, compared to Philips MSD250’s price $124.02. We have the entire MSD Broadway lamp line as well as a comprehensive inventory of MSD replacement bulbs. Check it out!
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