GE's Lucalox Horticultrual Lamps Revolutionize Greenhouse Lighting

With the green revolution taking place in lighting, people are looking for long lasting, more efficient lighting options in all applications. One area where a big push for greener lighting has occurred is in horticultural lighting. GE’s line of Lucalox XOPSL and XO HID horticultural lamps are an excellent and long lasting option for greenhouse lighting. The Lucalox lamps are extremely long lasting, depending on their wattage they can last anywhere between 16,000hrs and 28,5000hrs. GE’s Lucalox lamps are also powerful, producing between 53,675 mean lumens and 106,400 depending on which wattage lamp you choose. The Lucalox series lamps’ long lasting performance and high light output make them equivalent to about five 125w fluorescent lamps or 42 40w four-foot fluorescent lamps, making these HID horticultural lamps a great option for retrofitting your greenhouse with more effective lighting. These lamps emit a light 2,100K reddish light that is ideal for triggering the hormones in plants that make them flower.

GE’s Lucalux horticultural lamps can last an extremely long time, but you must take certain measures to ensure that they operate correctly and otimally. First, try to turn your Lucalox lamps on and off as little as possible; turning it off and then putting it through its re-ignition process will shorten the lamp’s lamp life. Second, make sure that the environment is vibration free, vibration can harm the lamp’s fragile components. Third, and this is true will all lamps requiring ballasts, make sure that the ballast you are using is compatible with Lucalox lamps.

GE’s Lucalox 400w, 600w, and 750w lamps are the new standard in horticultural lighting and have been lauded for their long lasting light and luminous efficacy. BulbAmerica stocks the full Lucalox line as well as other GE lighting products, so be sure to check them out. As usual, leave a question or comment on our blog or Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries.
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