The Time for Change Has Come: RGB LED Color Changers

Platinum has made getting exciting RGB color changing much easier for smaller venues like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, lounges, and other spaces. Platinum’s line of RGB color changing LED lamps come in medium E27 socket, MR16, and GU10 bases to give you maximum flexibility where you can utilize the bulbs and in what types of fixtures.Platinum’s RGD color changing lamps feature SMD color changing technology that allows you to change between an amazing 16 different colors. Platinum’s RGB lamps feature the performance benefits common to all LED light sources. Platinum’s LED lamps feature a 35,000 life hour rating and an energy draw of only 5w.

Platinum’s RGB lamps have excellent display abilities. Their 60 beam angle and their auto-flash and fade programs will allow you wash whatever it is you are illuminating in a bright, flat, and dynamic light. Platinum offers a great package that includes the four lamps and a remote control. The remote control, though small, can fully manipulate the color patterns of the lamps as well as perform basic functions like dimming and turning the lamps on and off. The package also comes with four PAR16 cans which are ideal for mounting the LED lamps and illuminating precise spaces like tables or the DJ booth.

The Platinum LED lamps and package allow you a formidable yet simple lighting system at a great price. The LED bulbs’ long lifespan and durable construction ensure that you will be able to set up your lights and never have to maintain them or change the bulb. Platinum’s RGB color changing lamps are low cost, low maintenance, low energy, and highly attractive—pick up yours today!


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