Chauvet's Wondrous Wall: The DVM-HR

LEDs technology has revolutionized the way light can be used to render new effects. One of the most popular and most effective usages of LED lights have been LED screens and walls that can fluidly display colorful images. Chauvet’s DVM-HR is one of the best and most durable LED panels available, and in this article I will discuss some of its features that I believe make it an exciting piece of lighting equipment for your event, bar, club, sports venue, concert, entertainment or any other application. The DVM-HR features 2,304 LEDs (768 red, 768 green, 768 blue) grouped in 256 clusters of 9 LEDs each. All the DVM’s LED bulbs have a life hour rating of 50,000hrs to 100,000hrs. The DVM-HR LED’s technology coupled with its IP65 rating mean that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, making it an extremely versatile piece of equipment. The DVM-HR features an easy to use and tough bracketing system that makes it easy to mount and easy to daisy chain other DVM-HR panels if you decide that you want a bigger screen. Daisy chaining DVM-HR modules is made easy, each module has an additional video output so you can link them all together.

In addition to RGB color changing, the DVM-HR can be used to display video, images, text, and graphics. You can even play DVDs or other forms of video on your computer or lap top and display them directly on the screen. The 31mm resolution and the ease with which you can attach DVM-HR units mean that you can use your DVM-HR for outdoor movie screenings and other similar events. The DVM works with nearly all video or graphic software, including the DVM Wall Studio Software and Show Xpress Time Line. To make connecting your DVM panel to your computer as easy as possible, Chauvet has included a two foot VGA-style linking cable and a two Neutrik PowerCon linking cable.

Chauvet’s DVM-HR is an extremely versatile and durable lighting panel. Because you can get make your DVM-HR bigger and bigger by simply adding additional modules, the venues in which you can use the DVM are nearly infinite. Let BulbAmerica be your one stop shop for the Chauvet DVM-HR and other LED lighting products. Also check out our DVM-HR package, which includes four panels, to save money. Check us out today!
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