LEDs Proves a Viable Lighting Option for Industrial Applications

LED lighting technology is revolutionizing nearly all facets of lighting. There are some who believe LED technology to be overblown and not useful in some applications. One of these applications is in the industrial lighting arena where HIDs and halogens have long reigned. Some people do not believe LEDs can produce substantial diffuse light to adequately illuminate huge spaces like warehouses and that coverage in those areas would likely be spotty. Kompak, a Dutch industrial firm, has recently proved these naysayers wrong by outfitting their entire industrial plant, warehouse, and offices with LED fixtures exclusively. Kompak's warehouse alone spanned approximately 11,500ft and featured nearly 46ft tall ceilings. Their entire warehosue was thoroughly lit by 
LEDs in large fixtures and cleverly along the pre-existing sprinkler pipes in the ceiling.
Kompak’s energy savings were truly remarkable. Their LED lighting, coupled with motion detectors, allowed the company to save 20,000KWh in electricity. Admittedly Kompak’s LED lighting system was very advanced and featured many custom LED installations not available to the casual consumer. Kompak’s adoption of LEDs however should signal to everyone, however, that lighting virtually any space is possible with LEDs, and that LEDs save astounding amounts of electricity in the short run, and even more astounding amounts of energy and money in the long run. Today LEDs are available in nearly every style that an incandescent bulb is. From candelabra, to globe, to A-shape, and many others, LEDs are becoming an increasingly viable option for light bulbs retrofits for not only incandescent bulbs and halogens, and potentially even CFLs. It is true that LEDs must be made less expensive and technologically refined before they can be widely embraced, however one can clearly see the beginnings of the LED revolution.

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