JDR MR16s: A Great Bulb for Display

The JDR MR16 is a popular type of MR16 that generally features an E17, E26, or E27 screw base and a reflector bulb 2in in diameter. An E17 base is a screw base with a slighter profile than the E26 and E27 bases, the bases which are most commonly found in light fixtures. Like most MR16s, the JDR MR16 is ideal for retail applications where directional and intense light is needed to highlight the features of an object. JDR MR16s come in a wide range of wattages from 1.7w to 100w and are available in LED and halogen versions. Platinum and Sunlite offer extremely lower wattage colored LED JDR MR16s that are ideal for accent lighting in a restaurant, retail setting, night club, display case, or even your home. These LED JDR MR16s are powered by anywhere between one and 20 LEDs, thus giving you a wide variety of JDRs with different light characteristics to choose from.

Still, the most popular and widely used JDR MR16s still remains the halogen based bulb. It’s powerful white light and tremendous light quality make it unmatched for display purposes. The JDR MR16, and MR16s in general, come in a wide variety of beam types thus making it a truly effective lighting tool. LEDs are quickly claiming the territory of halogen bulbs because they are substantially more efficient. Ushio, however, has lengthened the life of its JDR MR16s and other MR16s by adding krypton into the gas mixture within the bulb’s glass envelope, thus allowing it to burn for 2,000hrs, which is typically longer than most halogen bulbs.

Whether you choose a halogen or LED JDR MR16 you will find the JDR MR16 to be a fantastic display and accent lamp.BulbAmerica has a comprehensive selection of JDR MR16 and other MR16s so be sure to check them all out.
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