Lighting up your driving path

Lighting up your path

Gabby Hassan

                Driving is more than a little dangerous. Did you know that car crashes are responsible for over 25,500 annually, in the U.S. alone? That is an alarmingly high number. I, for one, do everything I can to ensure my safety as the driver, as well as that of my passengers. I do this by demanding seat-belts be worn, the phone is not touched, and the music stays at a non disruptive level. Another precaution I have installed in my vehicle, that not many people are aware of, is my off road automotivelight bulb. I cannot count the number of times I have driven down a poorly lit road, forced to navigate the twists and turns in fear of what might come zooming towards me from the other direction. My off road automobile lights give off an amazingly white bright light that allows me to see everything in my path. In addition, the light warns other cars turning on blind curves, that I am approaching from the opposite side. The bulb is a high intensity discharge (HID) bulb with a color temperature of 8000K, and gives off over 200% more light! That means that it is extremely bright. I feel comfortable knowing that I am making my vehicle as safe as it can be. The automobile accident rates are alarming and getting this bulb is just one more thing I can do to make certain I nor anyone I love, becomes a statistic. is sells this bulb and at a great price. Don't take chances be safe!

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