Electrical Engineer’s LeviLight Project Makes Floating Light Bulbs a Reality Reports BulbAmerica

Project LeviLight; a pet project of the University of Queensland’s electrical engineering student, Chris Rieger that combines wireless power transfer and magnetic levitation makes glowing light bulbs levitate in mid-air. BulbAmerica, the largest wholesale provider of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs in the United States believes that it is projects like these that will take the lighting industry to the next level.
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Chris Rieger, an electrical engineering student currently enrolled at University of Queensland has developed a system called ‘LevLight’ that uses a combination of two technologies to levitate a light bulb. His research revealed that wireless power transfer and magnetic levitation works wonderfully. Having modified an existing circuit built by Eric Taylor and making changes to the circuit design by Marko, he was able to make the glowing light bulb float in midair. Initially implemented by Jeff Lieberman, the project came to life after Rieger started his own research after reading many academic papers and gleaned all that he could from various projects on wireless power transfer or magnetic levitation.
A lighting expert at BulbAmerica.com says, “Rieger’s innovative project clearly demonstrates the fact that there are innumerable possibilities when it comes to technological innovations in the lighting” adding that “As an online source for lighting products that serves 250,000 customers, we are really excited to see how this project shapes up for commercial production.”
Chris Rieger has also built a new levitator with greater strength and a better control system using a 300 meter (1kg) 20awg wire that draws about 0.2 - 0.25A when stable at 12V. A 3-pin linear Hall Effect sensor from RS components acts as the feedback mechanism along with a 1.325mV/g sensor. This wireless power transfer circuit is simple and works with only slight modification depending on the input sensor to generate a high frequency magnetic field that does not affect the levitation aspect of the build. Chris Rieger says, “Only a few have combined both these technologies and once I had both working, I knew it was just a matter of overlaying them.” A maximum (0.8A) current is driven through the coil which prevents it from heating up over time, unless the light is not levitating.
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