BulbAmerica Announces Their Partnership With Renowned LED Light Bulb Manufacturer Kobi Electric

Quote startKobi Electric guarantees lumen maintenance of at least 80 percent as well as a lifetime warranty for all their productsQuote end

 The leading wholesale retailer of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs BulbAmerica announced their partnership with the internationally acclaimed provider of high quality and cost effective LED light bulbs Kobi Electric. 

A strategic partnership between BulbAmerica, the largest wholesale provider of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs in the United States and Texas based low priced LED lighting manufacturer Kobi Electric was recently announced. This collaboration will not only ensure that customers enjoy the dual advantages of affordability and quality but also mark the beginning of the development of newer and better product lines. Established in 1996, the global procurement company Kobi Group is a supplier of industrial materials, including electrical, instrumentation, telecommunication and mechanical products. Their clients include Petrochemical, Oil/Gas, Power, Drilling and Mining industries. Kobi Electric, a division of Kobi Group has a 22,000 square foot warehouse in Burleson, TX where they store their entire inventory.

A lighting expert at BulbAmerica.com commented, “We have always been on the lookout for the best and the most efficient ways to help our customers reduce their electricity bills” adding that “This recent partnership with Kobi Electric clearly demonstrates our dedication and commitment to our goal of finding the best possible lighting solutions.” Both the companies share this motto of delivering advanced technology and low priced lighting products to the end user. With this strategic partnership, some of the best LED lighting products will now be available at competitive prices and these include products that have already garnered plenty of positive feedback from the customers.

A force to reckon with, BulbAmerica has already carved a niche for itself in the lighting industry while Kobi Electric guarantees lumen maintenance of at least 80 percent as well as a lifetime warranty for all their products. These have received 4 and 5 star reviews along with high ratings consistently. Their purpose is to make home LED lighting affordable for everyone and the team travels across the globe to find low cost lighting solutions that also meet the company’s stringent and high standards of quality. Designed through a collaborative process with expert engineers, the end result of the process are high quality and cost effective LED lights that stand apart from their competitors in the market.

BulbAmerica offers a wide array of quality LED light bulbs, stage, and studio products from internationally renowned and trusted brands like Ushio, Osram-Sylvania, Feit Electric, etc. Focused on offering customers quality and energy efficient lighting products, they have been a part of the industry for about 10 years now. To know more about the different product and lighting solutions that they offer at BulbAmerica, visit http://www.bulbamerica.com or call 1-877-650-0775.

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