LED light bulb represents rapidly advancing innovations

The March 12 article on the L-prize winning LED light bulb ("A $50 light bulb?") missed an opportunity to inform readers about the rapidly advancing and highly beneficial innovations that LED light bulbs represent. We might still be lighting our homes with candles if Thomas Edison had been subject to the derision of reports such as this and the current crop of conservative pundits who undermine concerted efforts to save energy.
Contrary to the headline and the graphic, good quality LED bulbs are available for under $10 and each saves literally hundreds of dollars in electricity costs over its lifespan. The graph implies that 1,800 kilowatt hours of electricity only cost $18, or 1 cent per kilowatt hour.

In fact, at current rates in New Jersey, that much electricity costs more than $300 ($250 more than the LED bulb described) and contributes more than a ton of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
At the scale you used in the graph, the true cost of the incandescent bulbs would be too large to fit on a Star-Ledger page.

Concerted efforts by business and government are bringing exciting innovations to energy. Almost all of us have an interest in understanding them and helping speed their adoption.
Incandescent bulbs served us well in the last century, but have been left behind. And I'll still use candles for a romantic meal.

Source: NJ.com
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