Liquid-cooled LED light is first 'eco' light that's as bright as a normal 100w bulb

A new generation of liquid-cooled LED light bulbs are set to go on sale, which will result in energy savings for consumers.

The revolutionary design, which has been developed by makers Switch - a Californian-based firm, offers a longer life and a better performance than a regular bulb.

However, unlike the traditional design, it will use a fraction of the watts to emit a brightness that matches up to its 100W counterpart.

The bulb which was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, is set to retail for £24 when it eventually goes on sale.
Brett Sharenow, strategy officer for the company, praised the creation saying: 'The big thing about this bulb is it uses 80 per cent less energy than an incandescent.'

Source: Daily Mail

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