Vending Machine a Bright Idea for Light Bulb Recycling

UK based Revend Recycling has launched a reverse vending recycling machine to collect and recycle domestic light bulbs and batteries.

The company claimed that the reVend reverse vending recycling machine is the first domestic such machine in the world targeting domestic light bulbs, and has been jointly designed and developed with Norwegian recycling vending machine specialist, Repant.

Accordint to Revend, the machine has features and optional add-on unit for the collection and recycling of domestic batteries, which contain valuable and scarce natural mineral resources.

Repant will manufacture /assemble the recycling machines based on its COSMOS reverse vending recycling machine technology, while Revend will sell & market unique reverse vending recycling machines throughout Europe, USA & worldwide.

According to Revend the product includes the in-built technology safely recycles light bulbs containing mercury and other hazardous materials, while user automatically receives a reward incentive voucher which can be used for product discounts and sales incentives.

In addition, staff at the machine's locations will not need to touch the potentially harmful recycled light bulbs when removing from the recycling bin.

The company said that the machine is also able to compile of auditable statistics on bulb types by manufacturer and volumes recycled.

According to Revend, recycling rates in the domestic lighting industry are in sharp focus internationally, as significant waste tonnage amounts remain untreated and unprocessed and used light bulbs frequently end up in landfill sites at considerable environmental and financial cost.

Revend said that it has recently concluded a supply agreement with IKEA of Sweden, a leading international retailer, and will install a significant number of machines in several IKEA stores throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany, & Denmark.

Source for this article: Waste Management World

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