The Galaxian Move Laser: Taking Your Performance Out of this World

American DJ’s Galaxian Move is a combination of a moving head and a laser, making it a truly unique and exciting lighting effect. The 540˚ pan and 270˚ coupled with the Move’s 100˚ beam angle make it possible to blanket an entire surface in green and red laser beams and the Move’s distinguishing ‘solar system’ effect. The Galaxian Move was designed for high energy performances in mind. It can be set to run with its automated programs to music via the unit’s built in microphone, or it can be controlled by a controller through its DMX input, using its eight channels to control all of the Galaxian’s parameters. By setting the unit to master/slave you can create a forest of laser beams and add further depth to it by activating the Galaxian Move’s inversion mode, which inverts the movement of every other unit in the daisy chain. Don’t forget about combining your Galaxian Move with a fog effect from a fog machine and to turn the dance floor into a wondrous and wild space.

The Galaxian Move, with its four button LED menu, is very easy to set up and configure for your performance. Its low 25w energy draw and meager 10lbs w eight means that the Galaxian is not an energy burden and is incredibly easy to transport from venue to venue if you are a DJ on the go.

BulbAmerica has the Galaxian Move and other amazing American DJ products in stock so check them all out! Don’t hesitate to post additional comments or questions on the blog or on our Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897. Bring your show to the next level with American DJ’s Galaxian Move!
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