Take a Stand for Great Lighting With a Tripod Stand or Truss System

Many mobile lighting systems utilize stands and portable trusses to erect their lights and illuminate the show or performance. In this article I will go through some of the considerations you should make in choosing the stand or truss system for you, so let’s get started. A lighting stand is typically a tripod stand with a single T-bar support system or a T-bar support system with side bars. Lighting stands are usually between 9ft and 12ft tall and can usually support between 60lbs and 100lbs. Lighting stands are ideal for mobile DJs and small-scale productions because they are lightweight, easily portable, and can be set up by a single person. Pretty much any fixture from pinspots to LED lighting effects can be hung on lighting stands as long as they have some fastening mechanism or clamp to secure it to the T-bar or side bars.

Portable truss systems are also common. Trusses are essentially two light T-bar light stands connected to each other by an I-beam. Portable trusses are usually around 9ft tall and have a span of 10ft. Another common, and handy, option for truss stands are a crank system that eliminates the potentially taxing task of raising your stands. Truss systems are a bit more work than a lighting stand and should probably only be used if you need the additional space to hang your lighting. Portable trusses may also be a good choice if you have light weight speakers you want to mount. Many truss systems will support speakers, but you will want to check your truss’ product specifications before mounting them. Stands and trusses are an essential component of any portable lighting system. You will want to make sure you choose one that is sufficiently durable and can support the weight of your lights.

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