Has Your Lighting Hit a Wall? The Coloray LED Wall Wash and Driver Are Here to Help

The search for a wash luminaire that is both energy efficient and produces flat and even light can be difficult. The search is over. Optima’s Coloray Wash fixtures are the latest in LED wash technologies. They feature a 25˚ beam angle and 12 radiant LED bulbs, each rated at 1w/bulb. This means that the Coloray Wash uses a meager 15w (12w total for LEDs plus additional wattage) to illuminate an entire wall with brilliant color. The Coloray Wash features an adjustable yoke which means that you have plenty of options regarding how and where you decide to mount your Coloray and which wall you will bathe in light. This flexibility makes the Coloray perfect for many environments including stages, restaurants, retail displays, bars, and many, many more. Once you mount your Coloray Wash luminaire, you won’t have to worry about it for some time. With a life hour rating of 100,000hrs and solid construction means that the Coloray will be lighting up for a long time.

The Coloray, if operated in stand alone mode, can be operated by any DMX controller or by the Coloray Drive 65 Driver included. The Drive 65 is an excellent piece of equipment that can easily control the 25 built-in effects. The Driver is also outfitted with an easy to read LED display and easy to use buttons to allow you to effortlessly operate your Coloray luminaires without a DMX controller. Furthermore, the speed and intensity of the light can be adjusted using a built nob, making the Coloray ideal for retail or other applications where one would likely not have a DMX control.

The Coloray Wash and Coloray driver together form an excellent LED wall-wash system for nearly all environments. The Coloray LED system is easy to set up and nearly easier to use, get yours today and add the color to your space and marvel at the difference it makes. Check it out today!
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