Sterilization Bulbs Eliminate Bacteria With the Flip of a Switch

Germicidal lamps are an essential lighting tool for environments that are required to be bacteria free. Germicidal, or sterilization, lamps are used in many environments including hospitals, aquariums, water treatment facilities, laboratories, and in food-service areas. Sterilization lamps produce non-visible short-wave ultra-violet (UV) light which breaks up bacteria and disinfects the air, water, or food being treated. Sterilization lamps typically come in either fluorescent or HID bulb types and are typically found in T5, T8, T10, or single-tube bi-pin shapes.

GE and Ushio offer numerous options for sterilization lamps. These two manufacturers offer an exceptional line of low pressure mercury HID germicidal lamps. These lamps are ideal for eradicating bacteria, yeast, and mold. GE and Ushio’s low pressure mercury lamps produce light in the 200 to 300 nanometers (nM) range, typically hovering around 253.7nM. GE and Ushio HID germicidal lamps come in many bases including E17 medium base, Fa8 single pin, G13 medium two-pin, and others to ensure flexibility in your fixture choice. These HID lamps come with energy draws of under 10w to 65w. Sterilization lamps are also commonly found as fluorescent tube lamps. Germicidal fluorescent bulbs are available in versions featuring a clear quartz tube without a phosphor coating or in UV black light versions.

Fluorescent germicidal lamps eliminate bacteria and other agents, like HID lamps, by generating UV-C light that destroys bacteria’s’ ability to form.
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