Ushio's EmArc Lamps: A Revolution in HID Technology

There are numerous types of high intensity discharge (HID) light sources available, all of which have different strengths and weaknesses. Light bulb manufacturers have long been pursuing a bulb in which these different types of HID sources can be combined to produce a light bulb that has an excellent life hour rating and great color rendering. Ushio has accomplished this feat with their EmArc series of HID lamps. EmArc lamps are used in a diverse range of areas including, dentistry, projection, curing, microscopy, and medical fiber optics for endoscopy and headlamp lighting. All of these applications require high luminosity, long life hours, and excellent white light: EmArc series lamps satisfy all of these criteria. The Ushio SMR 201/D1 200w EmArc lamp, for example, produces 5,500lm at 200w, and thus has an impressive luminous efficacy of 28lm/w. The SMR 200w has a color temperature of 6,500K, placing it in the color temperature range of a xenon HID lamp. With a 2,000hr life hour rating, the SMR 201 200w has the long life span of a metal halide lamp, but has superior light quality.

The EmArc lamp design also gives its performance unprecedented advantages over other HID lamp technologies. EmArc lamps feature extremely small light arc lengths. The SMR 201 200w has an arc length of only 1.6mm, allowing for exceptional light collection and an efficient and powerful light beam. The parabolic reflector design for the EmArc series allows the bulbs to be increasingly durable and more versatile in its range of applications.

Ushio’s EmArc lamps, and the SMR 201/D1 200w, are a benchmark in HID lighting technology. They are providing industries as diverse as projection and microscopy with bright white and long lasting light. Check out this great new lamp today!
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