Moving Head LED Washes: A Head Turning Technology

LEDs and moving heads, two relatively new technologies to hit theatre, concert, and church lighting, have come together to revolutionize automated, or intelligent stage lighting. There are numerous moving head fixtures that provide various types of light and beams. Automated LED washes are particularly useful for setting the ambiance of your performance, worship service, or concert. LED moving head wash lights throw an even and diffuse light with a soft edge and can quickly change the mood of the show by alternating colors. The Elation Professional Design Wash LED Pro and the Chauvet Legend 6500 represent the cutting-edge and top of the line in LED moving head washes.

The Elation Wash LED Pro has 108 3w Rebel LEDs (52 red, 22 green, 22 blue, and 12 white), rated at 50,000 life hours, and is capable of mixing of many different saturated colors. The Elation LED Pro comes with a 39.5˚ beam angle, and produces 8,850lux on full at 3m. Though Elation’s Wash LED Pro is not the brightest, it is certainly one of the smartest and comes with some very useful features. The Wash LED has numerous built in color, strobe, and dimming macros to give your performance flair right out of the box. This automated wash comes with a built in EWDMX receiver for wireless DMX control, an extremely helpful feature if your lighting system is mobile or you are trying to cut down on the number of cables you use. The Elation Wash LED Pro’s silent movement coupled with its wide range of mobility (630° or 540° Pan X 265° Tilt) makes it a valued, versatile, and lively part of any lighting system.

The Chauvet Legend 6500 has 90 2-5w LEDs (18 red, 24 green, 24 blue, and 24 white), all of which are rated at 50,000 life hours. The Legend 6500 produces an amazing 14,780lux at a 2m at a beam angle of 12˚, thus producing a vibrant and exciting light. The Legend 6500 has an outstanding degree of usability. The LCD screen with password protection, an ability to select between basic and advanced operating modes, and a safeguard to restore the Legend 6500 to factory settings ensures the fixture’s smooth functioning. Chauvet’s Legend 6500 three or five pin universe option will allow you control and flexibility in your system control options.

Elation’s Wash LED Pro and Chauvet’s Legend 6500 are fantastic automated LED wash lights. These two LED moving head washes, in addition to fantastic performance and usability, come with the benefits that all LED products do, namely low energy draw with high lumen output. BulbAmerica has both of these moving head washes in addition to a huge selection of LED products. Interested? Check us out now!
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