LED Scanners: An Illuminating Lighting Effect

Scanners are one of the latest DJ lighting effect technologies to adopt LEDs. In addition to their low energy draw, long life, and durability, LEDs are an ideal bulb technology for scanners because the light is highly directional, thus making the reflected pattern coming from the scanner bright, precise and sharp. LED scanners are available at numerous different price points and can be used in all types of venues from swanky clubs to community centers and churches.

American DJ offers one of the best lines of scanners available. American DJ’s Electra LED scanner is ideal for the mobile DJ or a smaller venue like a roller rink or community center. It is lightweight, consumes little power, and is easily mounted and dismounted, making it easy to move and store if needed. Its simple design and 100,000 life hour rating for the LED light source makes this scanner is not only low cost, but low maintenance too. The Electra LED produces a great moon-flower effect and has multiple sound-activated macros pre-programmed to get your scanner going out of the box. American’s DJ’s XScan Plus LED represents the forefront of LED scanner technology. The XScan plus is DMX intelligent and has 8 channels, giving it the capacity to be controlled with a lighting controller. The XScan Plus can be ran in either in a master/slave or stand alone configuration. One great feature that this scanner has is a pan/tilt inversion mode that, if using four scanners, will make scanners 1 and 3 sync opposite scanners 2 and four, creating a really exciting effect. The XScan features 8 colors plus a separate gobo wheel to give you nearly endless lighting options. This scanner also has an amazing degree of adjustability: between the audio sensitivity knob, the manual focus, and motors for microstepping, you can really make the XScan Plus perform exactly how you want it to.

Obviously between American DJ’s Electra LED and their Xscan Plus LED there are plenty of scanners with different combinations of features and abilities. The scanners featured in this article should give you an idea of what is out there, and what to expect with a top of the line scanner versus a more entry level scanner. You simply cannot go wrong with either; your choice should be dictated by what you need and what your preexisting lighting system can handle. Feel free to leave a question or comment on this article, our Facebook, or call us at 1-877-620-1762 for any remaining questions you may have.

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