LED Strobe Lights: An Essential Effect for the DJ on the Go

Strobe lights are one of the DJ’s go-to lighting effects. Their flashing light creates an incredible ambiance and brings the dancing and music to life. Today many of the new strobe lights being manufactured are comprised of LEDs rather than a single lamp. There are a number of reasons for this. One important reason is that LEDs stay cool and have a life hour rating of anywhere between 50,000hr and 100,000hr making them extremely durable and long lasting. Strobe lights are particularly good choice for mobile DJs, as they are usually compact, lightweight, and produce a bright and noticeable effect.

American DJ offers two LED strobes perfect for the DJ on the go. The American DJ Flash Shot DMX is a portable and powerful strobe that emits an intense white light with its 234 LEDs. The Flash shot is DMX compatible and be can be controlled using a lighting controller. It features three modes of operation: master/slave, stand alone, and sound activated. If you are not using the strobe with a controller, the Flash Shot’s strobe speed and dimming can be controlled via two knobs on the rear of the can. American DJ also offers a color strobe, if you RGB color changing in addition to your strobe effect. American DJ’s Color Shot, like the Flash Shot, is DMX compatible and features the same three modes of operation: master/slave, stand alone, and sound activated. The Color Shot’s RGB color changing can be controlled using a controller. The Color Shot is seriously light and easily portable, it only weighs 5lbs!

DJs on the road should make strobe lights one of the first acquisitions for their lighting effect systems. They are light, relatively inexpensive, and can be even operated without a controller. LED strobes have made them even more ideal for the mobile DJ because they are now even lighter and require less maintenance than before. We have even more strobes available, check them out!

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