The American DJ Galaxian: Bring Your Show to Life with Lasers

Lasers are one of the most exciting and attractive lighting effects. There is no sight like a vibrant, sharp laser cutting through fog or creating a beautiful star-field pattern on the dance floor. Even better, most lasers are now small enough, and light enough, to be carried easily by a DJ on-the-go, ensuring that his or performance will be an unforgettable one. But which laser to choose? In this article, I am going to draw attention to what I think is one of the best lasers available today, the American DJ Galaxian. 

The Galaxian’s lasers aren’t the only bright thing about this lighting effect. One of its best features is its capacity to be controlled intelligently. The Galaxian has DMX inputs and out puts for either stand alone control via a controller, or a master/slave configuration. The Galaxian can also be placed in a sound activated mode and react to the music. This laser effect needs this degree of control because it features red and green laser beams, built in macros, and rotation abilities. These features, combined with the Galaxian’s ability to create up to 500 laser beams and a 90˚ beam angle ensures that your lighting will capture the attention of your audience. Don’t forget about the Galaxian’s fast/slow strobing either! These features make the Galaxian one of the most high performing lasers in one of the smallest packages.

The Galaxian is extremely versatile. It can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling and project on either of these surfaces, thus ensuring that the Galaxian can be part of your performance regardless of the venue’s limitations. Furthermore, the Galaxian will not strain the power sources of your venue, it has a meager energy draw of 110mW.Lastly, American DJ’s Galaxian weighs only 6lbs, making it easy to transport, mount, and dismount. The Galaxian and our other strobes are mesmerizing and will add tons of excitement to your performance, check them out now!

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