My Switch from Incandescent to LED bulbs

My Switch from Incandescent to LED

Moving is never easy, especially when faced with the task of decorating a new home. The decisions of what color to paint each room, what kind of furniture to buy, what kind of tile to lay, among more plagued me day in and day out. Believe it or not one of the hardest decisions I faced was what type of light bulbs to install. I did extensive research online, talked to friends and family, and came to the conclusion that LED lights were all around more efficient than the incandescent light bulbs I was so used to. They seemed like the smart choice, and when weighing the pros and cons of LED versus Incandescent bulbs the scale leaned heavily in favor of the LED bulbs. They last longer than 50,000 hours, use less energy than incandescent bulbs, and to top it all off, are better for the environment. So why after all this research was I still hesitant about installing LED lighting? The answer is simple, nevertheless superficial: My vanity. I couldn’t get the stereotypical LED lighting image out of my mind. That bright white that is so unflattering and unnatural. I vented to a friend, telling her what was stopping me from installing the cost efficient, eco- friendly lighting when she burst out laughing. She took me to her living room and asked me if anything seemed strange or uncomfortable. I said of course not, it seemed fine and looked beautiful as I hoped my living room would be. Then she really shocked me…ALL OF HER BULBS WERE LED. The light was so similar to the incandescent lighting I was used to that I couldn’t even tell the difference! It was then and there that I realized I had judged the LED bulbs without even seeing them firsthand. I decided to install them throughout my whole house and could not be happier. It makes me feel good to know I’m doing my part to save the environment, energy, and some money…that was until I bought a new pair of shoes with the money I saved!
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