A New Range of Energy Efficient Organic LED Light Bulbs to Be Made Available Soon at BulbAmerica.

A new and revolutionary product line of OLED light bulbs with high energy efficiency and color stability will be made available soon at BulbAmerica.com, a frontrunner in the use of innovative lighting technology and a leading provider of various lighting systems and solutions.

Incandescent bulbs are the most commonly used light bulbs for household and commercial lighting. The flame shaped version of these incandescent bulbs that are used as electric candles in homes, schools, and stores are extremely popular during the winter holiday months. With new research headed towards building energy efficient OLED (Organic LED) lights, it is expected that these white light OLEDs, a strong and potential rival could outshine incandescent bulbs very soon. BulbAmerica, the nation’s leading wholesale provider of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs has an exhaustive inventory of incandescent bulbs that are in great demand for the cozy and comforting light that they emit. However, due to their higher energy efficiency, halogen light bulbs are gradually replacing incandescent light bulbs.
A lighting expert at BulbAmerica.com explains, “Though we have a massive inventory of a number of different types of incandescent light bulbs, we believe that replacing them with OLEDs that consume less power and offer better white-light color quality would be the right decision to make in the long run.” These organic LED light bulbs comprise several layers of organic materials that have different electrical properties. Four separate emitter layers of blue, green, yellow, and red were combined by the scientists from Dresden University of Technology in Germany to build their white light OLED. Researchers were able to tune the color and quality of the light by adjusting the height of the layers to cover all parts of the visible spectrum.
These OLEDs that also have high color stability (the light can be dimmed without a noticeable alteration in its quality) will soon be available at BulbAmerica.com. The company is committed to providing energy efficient lighting products that will help reduce the carbon footprint while reducing the expenditure on electricity bills.
With over 150,000 customers, BulbAmerica is the largest wholesale provider of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs in the United States. They have been a part of the industry for almost 10 years now. The reputable company offers quality products that include fluorescent, halogen light, LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs, projector lamps, various LED lighting options including LED strips, etc. For more information about the light bulbs that they offer at BulbAmerica, visit http://www.bulbamerica.com or call 1-877-650-0775.
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