Twist and Shout: Osram's Golden Dragon LEDs Illuminate Sweden's Turning Torso Building

Though it may be old news to many of you, the “Turning Torso” apartment building in Malmö, Sweden is the tallest residential apartment building in the European Union and features some of the most exciting uses of LED lighting in the world. At more than 620ft tall, the Turning Torso building presented celebrated Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and his team of local architects with a challenge when it came to designing the building’s lighting scheme. The curving corridor design and building exterior posed a problem when it came to lighting because it be customizable and versatile to fit the building’s unique spaces. The architectural team decided to employ 16,200 of Osram’s Golden Dragon LEDs for energy efficient corridor lighting, cutting down on energy costs throughout the entire building (The Golden Dragon LEDs used are similar to the ones used in Osram’s popular LED under cabinet motion sensor units). According to LEDs Magazine, 2,700 of Osram’s LED units were used, featuring a 5,400K color temperature to give the building’s corridors a modern and clean look.

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