These Cranes are for the Birds! Water, Light, and Robots Take a Singapore Resort by Storm

The Resorts World Sentosa is a resort complex located on the island of Sentosa, off of Singapore’s southern coast. With numerous hotels, a casino, a Universal Studios theme park, a marine life park, and much more, the Resorts World Sentosa has the attractions necessary to capture anyone’s imagination. This past December, however, the Resorts World Sentosa opened its biggest and brightest attraction yet, the “Crane Dance”. The Crane Dance features two 10-story tall animatronic cranes engaged in a synchronized courtship, dancing and lighting up with their LEDs to music. Instead of robotic torsos, these flightless wonders’ chest and ribs are brought to life on two of the largest LED screens in the world which are hung from the dancing cranes. According to the Made in Asia Lighting Bulletin, the 500 ton robotic cranes are controlled using similar systems to those controlling the bullet trains in Japan. In addition to the cranes’ movement, these systems also control the lighting, video display, and literal water-wings of the cranes which spray the color light displays, creating a pleasing array of water-based plumage.

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